Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is preparing for his UFC return – workout (video)

Anthony Johnson fought 28 fights in his career won 22 (16 KO/TKO) and lost 6.

Out of his last 5 wins, 4 was KO and one was TKO. Despite his 2 loses against Daniel Cormier, he was known as one of the most dangerous men alive.

He retired after the loss against DC at UFC 210, on April 8, 2017.

In the past Rumble also fought as a heavyweight and also as a welterweight. Currently, he is somewhere between 270-285 lbs as it seems in the pictures/videos.

Before his retirement Anthony Johnson fought 9 times in Light heavyweight division, but as it seems he wants to try his power in heavyweight again.

He didn’t make any statement about his come back yet, but as his manager says he is getting ready to fight again. His future plans currently are unknown.