Dustin Poirier about Khabib: “He has more pressure to perform”

Dustin Poirier with a record of (25-5) says he is ready to unify his belt. As we see in embedded videos his mental is good, weight-cut is also going well, the only thing to be disturbed about is a crowd of Abu Dhabi.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Dustin talked about pressure: “I always put a lot of pressure on myself, but he probably has more pressure to perform, everybody is counting me out. I can only do better than what they think. They hold him to such a high standard he has to go out there and dominate me or he’s going to do less than everyone expects him to do.”

Dustin Poirier has jiu-jitsu black belt on his waist, almost nobody mentions his skills on the ground and that’s probably what Dustin wants. He wants to be underestimated by Khabib, Dustin will try to put him in positions in which Nurmagomedov won’t be comfortable at.

“I think he’s going to be tough and if he hits adversity he’s going to keep grinding forward, he seems like that kind of guy, but until we see it happen or he’s been put in that position, it’s tough to say. I really don’t know, but the plan is to put him in those positions.” Dustin said.

No one can deny the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov is the most dominant fighter in the world right now, he has 27 wins with 0 loses. Khabib wins almost every round in his fights if he continues this way, soon he will be Pound For Pound number one.

Khabib comes from wild mountains, his mentality, and discipline is very different compared to most of the fighters. He says that’s the reason behind every success he had. In UFC 242 there will be his father in the corner, on his side. This will be the first UFC event Khabib’s father will be attended on.

Khabib have to defend his title against Poirier at UFC 242, on Sep 7, Abu Dhabi.