UFC 242 Result – Khabib chokes Dustin Poirier in round 3 and unifies the lightweight belt

Khabib Nurmagomedov unifies UFC lightweight belt and stays undefeated with a record of (28-0).

UFC released video of actual finish of the fight:

Khabib gave respect to Dustin after the fight and also mentioned Conor: “Last fight with bull***t guy, we had a lot of crazy stuff. We show really what is this MMA. MMA, number one thing is respect, MMA is not about trash talking. This is what we show with Dustin Poirier and his great team.”

Nurmagomedov’s strong plan to make Dustin exhausted and try to submit him, worked. Khabib always gives his game plan but nobody can beat him anyways. With a record of 28-0 he dominates every fight, he deserves to go to history as one of the most dominant lightweights ever.

After the fight Poirier also gave a commentary: “I just feel like I let myself down, maybe there were times in there I could have done more. I’m sorry for anyone I let down with this performance.”

Pro’s react on a fight in twitter: