Khabib Nurmagomedov is very close to GOAT status as Dana White says

In UFC 242 post-fight press conference Dana White made a comment about Khabib and his performance that night:

“Incredibly dominant, even though there was some drama in there when he was caught in that guillotine. A lot of people don’t get out of that thing. Khabib is so good he got out. Dustin had that thing in deep. Most people would have tapped and went to sleep to that guillotine. Props on him for getting out of that, too. He looked completely dominant tonight.”

After the fight, Khabib mentioned that he wants pound for pound number one spot (currently No.2). He is the first fighter after Anderson Silva who won his first 12 UFC fights. Tony Ferguson has 11 win streak. 

Dana White also was asked who would fight Khabib next, on that he answered that it would be Tony Ferguson, but if that fight pulls out again or Tony won’t be able to compete, Khabib vs Conor rematch would make sense.

UFC President was questioned about what he thinks about Khabib in general, on that he answered that he is few matches away from GOAT status:

“He’s pretty special, man, I think he’s a couple fights away from potential GOAT status. To go undefeated for this long, for this many fights, especially in a division that’s that stacked, he’s looking down the barrel of a pretty special career.” Dana said.


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