Ferguson about Khabib: “I think my style is the one that could outsmart him”

Tony and Khabib was booked four times in the past, but none of it played out. Ferguson says its time to try fifth time, “Defend or vacate” he said.

“That’s what we want. That’s the date we want. We want to … perform in Vegas. I know Khabib, whatever he says, you’ve got to accept the fight. Defend or vacate. Seriously just set it down and walk away, buddy”

“I don’t have to go and talk a bunch of shit, we already know there’s a hype behind this. Four times, right? Fifth times a charm.”

Everyone can agree that Tony deserves to fight for title, he has longest win streak after Khabib 11 wins. Ferguson also won to a former champions most recent was Anthony Pettis. Former lightweight interim champion had a lot of mental issues, injuries, but despite all of that he is still winning and perfoming well. In an interview with Ariel Helwani MMA Show he said that he is ready to fight in December.

“I’ve been doing this a lot longer than Dustin has, in terms of grappling and chain wrestling, and doing that kind of a thing, not taking anything from Dustin, Dustin went out there and did a hell of a job, so did Khabib. My style’s a little bit different, obviously it’s not always going to work, but right now for Khabib, I think my style is the one that could outsmart him, could out think him, out move him, out manoeuvre him and put him in places he’s not familiar. Like in dancing territory.”


Image by UFC instagram