Donald Cerrone: Ferguson deserves it for sure

Donald Cerrone talked in UFC Media day about many things including, weight cut, weight divisions, Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor and so on.

Cerrone told a reporter that he was 9 pounds off right now, and he has to cut four and five pounds in 2 days.

“I’m nine pounds off right now I’ll do four tonight five tomorrow I’ll be crawling into the scale.”

Donald also talked about weight divisions, he is wondering why they (UFC) don’t add more divisions. Many fighters are struggling to get weight cut done, but as Dana said there will be no more division added for now. He said if he adds 175-pound division it would ruin 170-pound division.

“I don’t know why they don’t add 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, etc. You know I’m sure it will come eventually, hopefully, I’m still around when it does, but yea it needs to happen.” Cerrone said.

He mentioned former Lightweight Interim Champion Tony Ferguson which Donald fought last time and injured his eye. Cerrone said that Tony deserves that title shot against Khabib.

“Hell yeah, man! Give the dude his dues, Ferguson deserves it for sure.”

Regarding his fight, Donald said that he still has a fire in him, and if there will be no excitement for him to fight in the future, he will retire or take some time off.

“But right now, there’s no stopping. I’m rolling. I’m rocking. I love all of it. There’s no stopping. Losing sucks, winning’s fun, but the whole journey to me is what it’s all about. … Win or lose, man, I’m putting it on the line for every one of you.”


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