Justin Gaethje: I want the winner of Tony and Khabib

In the post-fight interview with MMAFighting.com Justin Gaethje talked about who he wants to fight next.

“I want the winner of Tony and Khabib, I want to fight for the world title. I want to prove I’m the best in the world. So that’s what’s next.” Gaethje said.

After that, he was asked about fighting with Conor:

“As far as I know he’s retired. He is in the rankings so he either fights or he gets out. That’s how I see it, I absolutely would love to fight him.”

Justin was also asked about fighting versus Khabib, if he wants it right now and if he is ready for Nurmagomedov’s wrestling.

“He probably beats me if you put it on paper but I hit so hard, I kick so hard and I’m so athletic, the way you stop a takedown in wrestling is to meet force with force. You don’t try to go away. I won’t touch the cage.”


Photo credit: MMAfighting.com