Ben Askren: “Who did it the worst was Ronda Rousey”

Ben Askren has never been defeat in MMA, until UFC 239. Jorge Masvidal KO’d Ben unconscious in 5 seconds with flying knee.

After fight Askren tweeted “Well that sucked” which meant that he was devastated by this dramatic ending of the fight.

In a few days after the fight he started giving interviews and showed up to the media, he didn’t shy away from questions and took the loss like a Champion. Ben Admitted that this loss was embarrassing for him but he said he will only learn by this mistake and “won’t happen again”.

Askren talked about after-loss mentality and who took KO loss worst ways possible: “I mean obviously if you want to point to who did it the worst was Ronda [Rousey].”

“I always feel like I want to tell my story the way I want to tell it, and if you hide in the corner, everyone else is going to talk about what you’re going to do. Listen, it happens. It’s part of the sport or even life for that matter. Losses happen. I think the best thing you can do is say, ‘That happened. What am I going to do now?’”

Ben Askren is fighting Demian Maia in the upcoming UFC event in Singapore on Oct. 26.

He also talked about after-fight thoughts to sit down a bit, rest and don’t trigger brain trauma: “I feel like he hit me in the neck because I never had any head pain, no headaches, no nothing ever, they gave me the 45-day no-contact suspension, so I abided by that. But really the UFC hit me up a week later and said, ‘Do you want to main event in Singapore?’ Prior to that, I figured I’ll sit out for 45 days, take the time off and maybe take December. The Las Vegas card looked like a big one. Then they offered me the fight.”

“I talked to a few of my buddies who are doctors about head trauma issues, and they’re like ‘It’s OK. Let’s do this.’”

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting