Cub Swanson: “I was denied access to certain jiu-jitsu gyms”

Cub Swanson makes Kron Gracie suffer for three rounds to earn a win via unanimous decision.

Cub currently has a record of (26-11), despite his loses he comes back stronger than ever. He handled Kron Gracie very well, it was kind of upset win just because Kron had 0 loses. 

Swanson had his personal reasons to beat Gracie, he said he was denied access to certain jiu-jitsu gyms in California just because he was fighting Kron.

In an interview with ESPN, Cub said what they told him when he entered: “We know you are fighting vs Gracie you know they wouldn’t appreciate that, so we aren’t gonna train you for this fight, no offense but you can’t come here anymore, that really pissed me off” 

After the fight in an octagon interview, Swanson didn’t hold grudges and gave kudos to Gracie family: “It takes two to put on a great fight. My hat’s off to him,” Swanson said when addressing Gracie after his victory. “I’ve got so much respect for the Gracie family and all they did for the sport.”


Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports