Ben Askren wants to bounce back quickly and avenge his loss against Masvidal

In an interview with MMA Fighting Ben Askren pointed out that he wants to bounce back quickly after the devasted loss against Masvidal:

“I think I can bounce back from the hat pretty quickly and hope that it happens.”

Askren also talked about a potential rematch against Masvidal, and was asked if he wants to avenge his loss:

“That would be really nice, again, we’ll see where the division goes and where I’ll be, but I hope so.”

After the interview got published Jorge answered to Ben and said:

“Get some wins and we can do it”

In a few minutes Askren also answered to Masvidal’s tweet:

“I see you are appreciating me make you famous. You’re welcome sucka”

Bad blood with these two fighters started when Ben joined the UFC and started roasting almost everyone.

In Press-conference before the fight, Ben continued to trash talk and Jorge took it seriously.

That was the main reason Masvidal didn’t shake his hand and disrespected him after the KO.


Photo credit: The Body Lock  / Bleacher Report