Khabib Nurmagomedov: “I will retire when Islam (Makhachev) rises to the top” said at UFC Moscow Press-Conference

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev gave 25 minutes Q&A at UFC Moscow.

Most of the questions were towards Khabib, fans also had the opportunity to ask him about his career and also about his personal life.

During this Q&A section, Nurmagomedov said that he is waiting for Islam to become a contender and after that, he will retire.

“My career is not at the starting point, my retire is not too far away, maybe few fights left maximum, after me, I don’t want to give this belt to anyone but Islam (Makhachev). If that happens that will be a historical moment, because no one from coaches had champion dethroned and have another champion on the same weight class.”

Khabib also answered a question about his next fight:

“I think the next one will be Tony in March or April, we have negotiations going on.” said Nurmagomedov “UFC offered me to fight in Vegas in March, but I told them that if Vegas officially apologizes for wrongly fining me for that incident on October 6, 2018, then I’ll fight there.”

“If not, then they can assign me to another date. As far as I know, they’re planning in April to hold (a fight card) somewhere in New York, so I’m saying I’m ready for April, or March if Las Vegas apologizes.”

UFC Lightweight Champion was also asked about Conor rematch:

“As for a rematch, to fight for a belt in the UFC, I remember I had something like nine or 10 fights. If he wins 10 fights in a row, then that’s completely possible.”